Ablaye Tacko

Name: Ablaye Tacko Diop

Position: Trainee

Tasks: Support for the development of administration and management tasks of the MACbioIDi project.

Studies: High Diploma in Management (Institut Supérieur de Management in Dakar (Senegal); Master in Project Management (Institut Supérieur de Management in Dakar (Senegal).

Professional Experience: After obtaining his degree, he participated in supervised field activities, which consisted in creating a company ,finally, to gain insight into the way companies operated.Subsequently in 2015 he did a 3 month internship in a communication agency where he held the position of head of advertising,after he did another internship at LONASE(Loterie National SEnegalaise) in the marketing and communication departement.Currently he is an intern in the MACbioIDI project of the university institute for Biomedical research and Health (IUIBS) of the ULPGC.