Ibán Ortega

Name: Ibán Ortega Rivero

Position: Legal Administrative Technician

Tasks: Providing advices in administrative and legal proceedings involving the project matters

Studies: Bachelor Degree in Law by the ULPGC – Master Degree in European Studies by the University of Seville

Bio: After successfully completing the above mentioned studies in 2013, he carried out a European Voluntary Service in France in the Erasmus+ framework and from that moment on, he has actively participated in international cooperation activities. Firstly, as a volunteer in events such as the WPYG (South Korea) and the Universal Expo (Italy); afterward, as a professional in the University Centre for the International and Cooperation Development of the ULPGC and nowadays, as part of the MACbioIDi project in the University Institute of Biomedical and Health Research (IUIBS) of the ULPGC.