We are hiring in the MACbioIDi Project!!!

What do you think about medical technology to address the grand challenges of sustainable development? This is a main goal of MACbioIDi Project.

Would you like to design and develop such technologies in collaboration with a strong international team? What about figuring out technology transfer strategies targeting the industry and the health providers? All of that is part of the MACbioIDi Project.

If, as we do, you feel enthusiastic about such challenges, you have a great opportunity in our new job offer call: five positions for technical staff and researchers in the MACbioIDi Project. We need different profesional profiles. We are looking for talented persons eager to make a better off World through science and technology.

We’ll have the call open until 14:00 hours Monday 13 March 2017.

Deadline extended until 14:00 hours Monday 20 March 2017!!!

Go to the call official website

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