MACbioIDi-ULPGC organizes the roundtable "Woman and Science" at Casa Africa

Next Wednesday, March 7th from 11.00 to 13.00, the roundtable entitled “Woman and Science” will be held at Casa Africa in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Casa Africa joins the events held in the world around Women’s Day and welcomes this roundtable on joint work in medical technology at its headquarters. It is intended to highlight the role that women have always played in science, although nowadays, in many cases, it remains unrecognized. The University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, through its Interreg-MAC project of medical technology for sustainable development, MACBIOIDI, in collaboration with Casa Africa, organizes a roundtable on “Woman and science” in which professionals from the world of Science, Medicine and Engineering will share their experiences and highlight the role of women in the world of science and the advances that women have achieved in the twentieth century worldwide and those that are still to be achieved in this 21st century. The roundtable will consist of five professionals coming from countries  different in their idiosyncrasy and in their scientific and technological development as Morocco, Mozambique, Cape Verde or the Canary Islands. All of them will discuss the main challenges of living every day in a world in which initiative and recognition has hitherto been led by men. All participants will propose ways of consolidating the role of women in the scientific world and their contribution to its development and prestige. The vertiginous changes that we are experiencing today force us to look for new ways of developing and recognizing women in all areas of the world of science. Gender equality obliges us to work to correct the imbalance which implies the scarce presence of women in the scientific world and, therefore, we must work to promote advances in the promotion of the role that women should play by incorporating the gender perspective into science, in all its fields and areas of influence. Under the slogan “Woman in Science and technology,” this table brings together the following women from several participant countries: Dra. María Alexandra Fernandes, PhD Professor at the Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU) in Maputo, Mozambique-Dra. Joseane da Rosa de Pina Ferreira, Director of Radiology and Imaging services at Hospital Dr. Agostinho Neto de Praia, Cape Verde-MSS. Yolanda Martín, Telecommunications Engineer at the Astrophysical Institute of the Canary Islands-Dra. Almudena Sánchez Villegas, PhD in Pharmacy and Professor of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria in the area of preventive medicine and public health. Dr. Asmaa Skareb, PhD in Organizational Management and Project Manager MACbioIDi Https://

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