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Along two weeks, the students of the Campus of the Science and the Technology of the ULPGC, knew the distinct procedures that carry out in the area of investigation of the project MACbioIDi. Although it is a Project of International Collaboration the main aim that have posed has been to approach to the students to the field of the investigation in technology applied to the area of the medicine, of form more specific to the treatment of medical images.

In a first stage, knew the investigation of general form and later going in more in detail, the tools that do use of technologies of the image applied to the medicine and that study inside the frame of the project. The students have gone experiencing and manipulating tools as well as knowing at first hand in what consists the process of investigation. They have realised visits of interest to laboratories and have documenting his adventure researcher and his results in a WIKI .

Like final work realised a small article of investigation in which they show the results of a comparative study between two tools of visualisation of medical images, 3DSlicer and Open Anatomy. These tools use to facilitate the diagnostic to distinct profiles of the area of the medicine. The result of this work of investigation will allow to identify the characteristics of each tool that do it adapted for the study of distinct practical cases.

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