Diabetic Foot Project

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Segmentation Module in Slicer
Infrared camera integration in Slicer
Temperature comparison pipeline: (a) Acquisition of the infrared image, (b) Segmented feet in the IR image and (c) Result when comparing the temperature of the feet

Contribution for Medical Diagnosis using Infrared Images

Researchers: M.Sc. Yolanda Martín Hernando (IACTEC), M.Sc. Abián Hernández (GTMA), Ph.D. José Carlos Ruiz Luque (GTMA) y Ph.D. Juan Ruiz Alzola (ULPGC-IAC-GTMA)


Using sensors that captures infrared radiation (IR), It is possible to capture images where the temperature emitted by the photographed element is reflected. This information is of great interest to detect pathologies in a early state, where the symptoms of the disease are not visible yet, in this way, we considered to develop a clinical system for the diabetic foot monitoring.

This project is a research collaboration between Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IACTEC) and University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (ULPGC) for the design of software for medical use, through the use of IR sensors and image processing techniques for medical diagnosis, mainly for the detection of foot ulcers in diabetic patients. Although the preeminent source of information is the IR image, the system will have other imaging modalities, specifically RGB-Depth images, which will allow to automate tasks oriented to image processing.

The results will be exported to an 3D Slicer extension which will contain multiple modules in order to get a better dissemination and support of the algorithms implemented. This extensión aim to be a common point for all community projects based on the use of IR images and, in our case, it will contain modules oriented to the different stages of the project, such as image acquisition, segmentation and registration.