Guillermo and Carlos at the University of Queens, Ontario (Canada)

Two of our colleagues, Guillermo and Carlos, are at the University of Queens in Ontario, Canada, developing a line of work on medical imaging and diagnostic techniques. They are researchers and engineers who are doing a very important job at a world-wide reference Center at the University of Queens, Ontario, specifically in the #Perklab laboratory. After participating in the 27th NA-MIC Week Project at Harvard University (USA). They moved to Canada to form and develop techniques that will then be implemented in #Canarias and for all partners in #MACbioIDi in #Africa such as Senegal, Mauritania, or Cape Verde. It may even extend even to others of the Macaronesia. The medical technology for sustainable development, or what is the same, our Hallmark #medtec4susdev is walking by leaps and bounds in favor of the medical-scientific-technological advancement with the support and effort of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria ( ULPGC), the University of La Laguna (ULL) as well as the invaluable collaboration of the Canary Islands Astrophysical Institute (IAC). Guillermo and Carlos develop a line of work of medical diagnostic and imaging techniques with the aim of helping physicians in their work and interventions. The capacities we have in #Canarias for the development of innovative techniques we are consolidating through our project Interreg MAC 2014-2020 and the great help of the participating institutions and the collaborating partners that accompany us in this Medical-scientific adventure in favor of sustainable development.

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