II Conference of the IUIBS: Biomedical and sanitary Research meeting of the Canary Islands

The University Institute of Biomedical and Sanitary Research (IUIBS) of the Universidad de las Palmas of Gran Canaria (ULPGC), with the collaboration of the Chair of Medical Technologies of the ULPGC, organized the days 3 and 4 of December, its second conference, called ' Biomedical and sanitary Research meeting of the Canary Islands ', with the aim of presenting the different groups and lines of research that make up the IUIBS.

The meeting was held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Health Sciences (Campus of San Cristóbal).

The conference, which was inaugurated by the Director of the IUIBS, the Professor Lluís Serra, and the health advisor of the Government of the Canary Islands, José Manuel Baltar, had three blocks of presentation of the groups and lines of Investigation of the Institute of Research As well as three oral sessions that dealt with ' medical education and Technology ', ' presentation of Ecoaqua-ULPGC ', and ' how to develop a scientific career in biomedicine '.

Among the lectures that were given, they highlighted: "Preimplantation development in Mammals" by Benerika Plusa-University of Manchester, United Kingdom, "health and diet of the first canaries. New archaeological Data "by Jacob Morales – ULPGC and" Research in health economics. Questions and answers based on recent research "by Professor Beatriz González López-Valcárcel. In addition, the Software engineer, Marilola Afonso, offered the advances from the MACbioIDi project, and the researcher of the IAC-Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, Yolanda Martín, offered the talk ' thermography for the social awareness and evaluation of Diabetic foot injuries, moderated by Miguel Ángel Rodríguez.

On Tuesday 4 December, the meeting was closed, with the participation of the Vice-rector for research, innovation and transfer of the ULPGC, José Pablo Suárez Rivero.