We are already preparing the 28th NAMIC Project Week in Gran Canaria. 25-29 June 2018

We are at full capacity with the preparations for the upcoming 28th NA-MIC Project Week to be held in Gran Canaria from 25 to 29 June 2018 #Canarias This edition will incorporate new participants from African countries as well as Cabo Green, Madeira, Azores and United States #HarvardUniversity. Na-Mic Canarias aims to become an international hub, a reference model as well as an international center for Medical Technology and training, adapted to the needs of developing countries, to serve as a model and as a global network. Medical technology for sustainable development #medtec4susdev #MACbioIDi #ulpgc #ull #IAC #ITC where our project partners will also be able to accommodate the event. In this event of international character and pioneer in the Canary Islands we will receive doctors, engineers and academics to present them the technology NA-MIC and to explore synergies.

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