We started in Boston #MACbioIDi participation in the 27th NA-MIC Project Week

Our team of researchers and technicians of our project MACbioIDi (ULPGC) is already displaced in #Boston to participate in the 27th NA-MIC Project Week #medtec4susdev which is held from today 8 January and until the next day January 12 at the Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology @MIT, in the American town of Cambridge. Despite the-13 degrees Celsius that we have found by the polar cold that has frozen the city of Boston and the full of icicles, we are excited about the beginning of an edition of this meeting that so good results brought us in the previous celebrated in Italy in the month of June 2017. The room in the CSAIL (computer Science & Artificial Intelligence) has served us with contact for the team #MACbioIdi-ULPGC-ULL that has moved to the United States. We will share experiences with the hand of Prof. Rin Kikinis Rector ULPGC and Dr. Tina Kapur, both members of the Surgical Planning Laboratory. We will present the applications 3DSlicer, Plus and OpenAnatomy, as well as the training project to be developed along the MACbioIDi are the focal point of the projects presented, which were accepted in the first hangout held last November.

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