From mathematics to software engineering. Progress in women.

The Vice-President and director of the Temisas Astronomical Observatory Foundation, Mario Villanueva, presented yesterday the last talk of the III Cycle Women and science held in Agüimes. With the mathematics as a conductor, the researcher Marilola Afonso, member of the GTMA Research group that develops his work in the University Institute of Biomedical and Sanitary research of the ULPGC and patron of the FCOAT offered this talk yesterday , at the Orlando Hernández House Museum.

Starting with mathematics and software engineering, the talk began giving an overview of the presence of women and their contributions in the field of mathematics. Later, focusing on the computer science and the figures of Rózsa Péter, Grace Murray Hopper and Margaret Hamilton, reviewed topics such as recursion, compilers and high-level languages or the treatment of errors in the code. Fields in which these three relevant mathematics worked making recognized contributions, which are already part of the history of science and technology.

These talks as well as your organization are part of the horizontal campaigns that are developed in the project MACbioIDi in equality and non-discrimination.

More information on the website of one of the organisers of the event, the Temisas Astronomical Observatory Foundation.

With this talk closes this III cycle woman and Science in the city of Agüimes. They have been a total of four, which have been followed with interest on the part of the general public.