The ABC of celestial mechanics

Under the title "The ABC of Celestial mechanics", the Arabic astrophysics of the Walnut has led the audience to their talk through the interesting world of celestial mechanics, the study of the movements of celestial bodies by virtue of the gravitational effects that They exert on him other bodies.

This talk is the first of three to be held at the Orlando Hernández House Museum in Agüimes. The talks are framed within the weeks of science and innovation in the Canary Islands 2018, an initiative of the Ministry of Economy, Industry, commerce and knowledge, through the Canary Island Agency for Research, Innovation and information society. They have been organized in collaboration with the Temisas Astronomical Observatory Foundation and are involved in it by researchers from the Institute for Technological Development and Innovation in Communications (IDeTIC) and researchers from the MACbioIDi project of University Institute of Biomedical and Sanitary Research (IUIBS).

Arabe de la Pecan Cruz, is astrophysics by the University of La Laguna and patron of the Canarian Foundation Observatory of Temisas.