MACBioIDI in the miniworkshop of science and innovation in Gran Canaria

About 6,000 students attended the science and innovation weeks of the Canary Islands, developed in the Santa Catalina Park, in Gran Canaria. From the 7th to the 9th of November, the medical and Audiovisual Technology Group of the University Institute of Research in Biomedical and Sanitary Sciences (IUIBS) of the Universidad de las Palmas of Gran Canaria (ULPGC) gave workshops and offered avant-garde information About the work that the university develops in the field of the education for the health and the anatomy.

Nayra Pumar and Xerach Suárez, researchers from the medical and Audiovisual Technologies Group, developed the technology workshop applied to medical simulation in which they presented the four areas of the different lines of research developed by the team IUIBS: 3d printing, virtual reality applied to anatomy, anatomical puzzles with mixed reality, and laparoscopy simulator. The anatomical Atlas triumphed among the young visitors who enjoyed discovering the human body with an internal ' tour ' by the human body, with the help of the virtual reality glasses.

The technology workshops applied to medical simulation are moved from 14 to 16 November to Parque García Sanabria, in Tenerife, where the weeks of science and innovation in the Canary Islands promoted by the Ministry of Economy will continue to develop. Industry, commerce and knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands through the Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society (ACIISI).

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