III Cycle Women and Science: astrophysics (s) of high energies: hunting Gamma-ray binaries by Alicia López

The researcher of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, Dr. Alicia Lopez, participates this afternoon in the III cycle women and science with the Talk ' astrophysics (s) of high energies: hunting gamma-ray binaries ' in which he will talk about the gamma-ray astronomy and, Specifically, about the curious binary systems highlighting the contributions of different scientific women.

His intervention will be in the press room of the Captains ' house, in the lagoon, at 18:00 hours.

For his introduction to the talk, Lopez emphasizes that gamma-ray astrophysics is a relatively young field in which the most extreme and violent universe is observed. The processes to produce gamma rays require very high energies, so not all objects in the cosmos are emitters of this type of light. Certain pairs of objects, called binary systems, can get to emit gamma rays. So far, less than a dozen gamma-ray binaries have been detected, although we are still in the active search for more members of this small family.

The III cycle of lectures ' women and science ' is developed thanks to the collaboration of the Canarian Foundation Temisas Astronomical Observatory, the researchers Association of Las Palmas, the team of the University Institute of Biomedical Research and Sanitary-IUIBS of the ULPGC, from the project MACbioIDi, and the municipalities of the different communes that participate: in Gran Canaria, Agüimes, Arucas and Las Palmas of Gran Canaria while in Tenerife they collaborate the lagoon and Santa Cruz of Tenerife.

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