Conclusions of the Roundtable "Women and Science in Africa and the Macaronesia" at Casa Africa

As conclusions of the roundtable we want to highlight issues of great importance treated as equality and conciliation, issues that departed from the announcement made by the World Economic Forum on the gender gap that will not be closed until 2186. It means that there could be 100 years more before the global gap in equality between men and women disappears completely. Under the premise, the meeting raised questions about how to combine work and motherhood without sacrificing any of these two important roles in life, professional woman and mother. It is the conquest of humanity that women still struggle to maintain, in universities, businesses, governments and their homes. It was stressed that all men and women must continue working to achieve full gender equality among them in the world, as there are still countries and individuals that discriminate against women. The gender wage gap persists and women are still not present in equal numbers in business or politics.

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