Working days of MacBioIDi at the University of Nouackchott

The researcher of the University Institute of Biomedical and Sanitary Research (IUIBS), María Dolores Afonso, visited the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Nouackchott (Mauritania) to carry out various meetings of work with the teachers of That center. The meetings have allowed to determine the projects with which the professionals of the faculty will attend to the next NA-MIC and, in addition, to advise and to work in the creation of teaching material for the students of that faculty. 

The intense agenda of meetings was completed with the paper ' Women in technology ', given by the researcher at the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, attended by a group of students from the Master of Informatics and information systems. This paper is part of the events organized by the MACbioIDi team for horizontal campaigns, in this case in "equality and non-discrimination", whose main objective has been to give visibility to the work of an interesting group of women, Professionals in the field of technology.