' Turism innovation ' in the III women and science cycle by Laura Santana

Lucía Santana Sardinia, winner in 2018 of the second prize in the I contest Telefónica Chair of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria for his Final work of master ' potential and challenges of the big Data in tourist destinations ', will offer today, Thursday 14, at 19:30 hours , the talk Turism innovation in the House Museum Orlando Hernández (Agüimes).

In his speech he will analyse the current trend towards which we are heading in relation to the personalization of the offer of tourist services, the opening towards a collaborative economy, the increasing awareness and respect for the environment, and the great volume of data generated daily; Raising the management of tourism organizations from the point of view of processes.

The aim is to give an answer to how to make efficient data management, which are increasingly abundant (Big & Small data) with the objective of improving the quality of the customer experience in the tourism companies, focusing specifically on the sector Hotel. This will provide evidence of how the correct management and exploitation of data results in an improvement of the user experience, as well as in the own innovation and business production.

The III cycle of lectures ' women and science ' is developed thanks to the collaboration of the Canarian Foundation Temisas Astronomical Observatory, the researchers Association of Las Palmas, the team of the University Institute of Biomedical Research and Sanitary-IUIBS of the ULPGC, from the project MACbioIDi, and the town halls of the different municipalities that participate: in Gran Canaria, Agüimes, Arucas and Las Palmas of Gran Canaria while in Tenerife they collaborate the lagoon and Santa Cruz of Tenerife.

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